“Lesbian” Movie


The stars of Palme d’Or-winning dramaBlue is the Warmest Colour have said that making director Abdellatif Kechiche’s film was “horrible” , and that they are unlikely to work with him again.

  1. Blue Is the Warmest Colour (La Vie d’Adèle Chapitre 1 et 2)
  2. Production year: 2013
  3. Countries: France, Rest of the world
  4. Runtime: 179 mins
  5. Directors: Abdellatif Kechiche
  6. Cast: Adele Exarchopoulos, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Aurelien Recoing, Lea Seydoux
  7. More on this film

Adèle Exarchopoulos, 19, and 28-year-old Léa Seydoux said the Franco-Tunisian film-maker ranted and raved at them as he sought to achieve optimum realism during the production.

The 10-minute love scene at the centre of the film took a gruelling 10 days to shoot, they revealed, while a fight scene was the result of a continuous one-hour take during which Kechiche refused to allow his stars to simulate blows.

“You can see that we were really suffering,” said Exarchopoulos in an interview with the Daily Beast website at the Telluride festival in the US, where the film is set to premiere. “With the fight scene, it was horrible. She was hitting me so many times, and [Kechiche] was screaming: ‘Hit her! Hit her again!'”

Seydoux added: “In America, we’d all be in jail. [Kechiche] shot with three cameras, so the fight scene was a one-hour continuous take. And during the shooting, I had to push her out of a glass door and scream, ‘Now go away!’ and [Adèle] slapped the door and cut herself and was bleeding everywhere and crying with her nose running, and then after, [Kechiche] said, ‘No, we’re not finished. We’re doing it again.'”

Of the sex scene, Exarchopoulos revealed: “We spent 10 days on just that one scene. It wasn’t like: “OK, today we’re going to shoot the sex scene!” It was 10 days.” She added: “One day you know that you’re going to be naked all day and doing different sexual positions, and it’s hard because I’m not that familiar with lesbian sex.

“At Cannes, all of our families were there in the theatre, so during the sex scenes I’d close my eyes. [Kechiche] told me to imagine it’s not me, but it’s me, so I’d close my eyes and imagined I was on an island far away, but I couldn’t help but listen, so I didn’t succeed in escaping. The scene is a little too long.”

Blue is the Warmest Colour was a critical hit at this year’s Cannes film festival, where it became the first example of a Palme d’Or being awarded to both the director and its two lead actors. Despite her comments, Exarchopoulos described the shoot as a “good learning experience for me, as an actor” while Seydoux added: “Thank God we won the Palme d’Or, because it was so horrible. So now it’s cool that everyone likes the film and it’s a big success.”

Blue is the Warmest Colour has previously been the subject of controversy, albeit of a less serious nature. In May, Julie Maroh, author of the award-winning 2010 graphic novel on which the film is based, described Kechiche’s drama as “ridiculous” and branded it “porn”. She also expressed disappointment at the absence of lesbian actors from the adaptation.

Male director? Check.
Het actresses? Check.
Male director is not turned on enough by het actresses’ performance of male director’s idea of “Lesbian” sex? Check.
“Lesbians” batter each other? Check.
Male director makes actresses actually injure each other? Check.
Het actress can’t bear the sight of herself being “Lesbian”? Check.

And this is traded as a “Lesbian” movie then, to hell with the original Lesbian author’s idea.

I’m so fed up with heteros hijacking our culture and colonising our love.

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13 Responses to “Lesbian” Movie

  1. missmatriarch says:

    Thank you, I feel the same about an American movie called Bound, I recommend you check it out. Het actresses, and het directors trying to portray lesbians the way they think lesbians are and act. Never once is romance and love between lesbians depicted, it is simply two women giving their male viewers porn in a movie, while action is shoved in. I read the the directors actually put so much effort into what seemed like a one minute sex scene thats supposed to be the most awesome depiction of lwsbian sex ever! Guess what, its lame and doesnt do true lesbian love making justice. Yet, the directors pat themselves on the back for their “achievement”. Half the time the actresses look bored to be there throughout the whole movie and seem to be waiting for their pay checks.
    Anyway, this is sad to hear how the movie you mentioned was created. These men are simply satisfying their own fetishes while failing to understand true lesbianism; they cant. I hate how they hijack lesbianism as well. Thanks for this post! I’m new to your blog and I’m happy to have found it!

    • Hi, I’m sorry it took me so long to answer! Thanks for your comment and I also like your blog a lot! Hope the following worked…
      I’ll see if I can get my hands on Bound. I tried to watch the L-Word once (years after it came out in the US), but when I turned the TV on, the first thing I saw was one of the “Lesbians” all over a het man (in a band?), so I turned it off again. I found that I hate misrepresentation even more than non-represenation.
      Sorry again for the delay!

      • missmatriarch says:

        No no, it’s fine! Thank you for your response and for following my blog! Makes me super happy 🙂 But yes, definitely try to get it, but if you can’t, don’t worry, you aren’t missing much… Oh yes, The L Word,.. And also The Real L Word?? I think I watched the beginning of the L Word, but it was a while ago and I haven’t watched it since. -sigh- Proper representation would be nice! Especially for butch and dyke lesbians. There’s a recent american cartoon called Steven’s Universe that actually does a decent job at lesbian representation (you can find some clips on youtube i’m sure, or episodes on kisscartoon.com), and the creator of this cartoon is a het woman named Rebecca Sugar. Other than that, I barely see any by lesbian for lesbian entertainment and representation.

  2. Bev Jo says:

    Great review of that horrible film. “I’m so fed up with heteros hijacking our culture and colonising our love” says it all.

    I really agree about Bound too, yet we have so little. One of the worst parts really was how the bisexual Hard Fem got the other Fem (supposedly a Butch, but what an insult) to admit there was no difference between them. I guess we’re to be happy they didn’t die or go het at the end.

    So much to be disappointed in The L Word, but I continued and at least they did show the Lesbians as a community committed to each other, but no real Butches, except perhaps Tasha. The horrible bisexual in the beginning fucking seem did seem to be murdered by one of them at the end and most had a motive, which was kind of funny.

    • missmatriarch says:

      Thank you! It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance by the way, Bev! I’ve been reading your book and, as a young lesbian, I feel so lucky to be a part of a great lesbian community, even if it’s online. Your work is incredibly brave and enlightening, a big thank you! I think you all are amazing women.

  3. Thank you for the cartoon tip, missmatriarch!

  4. Bev Jo says:

    Thank you so much, MM!!! It’s a pleasure to meet you too and you’re amazing also! There are so many young Radical Lesbian Feminists across the world online, and also in our facebook groups (if you want to join us). I’ll soon link to your blog for the other women there to see. IceMountainFire is much loved and appreciated there.

    I don’t get notices for blog comments for some reason so don’t know if anyone has responded. Please come get me so I don’t miss anything.

    • missmatriarch says:

      Oh thank you so much! You make me blush. And hearing that from you is incredibly sweet and honorable (not to embarrass you, but it’s true 🙂 ). And I would love to join your group! I have a profile on facebook with the fake name Charlotte Moon, for the sake of being discrete… I’ll I ask to join your group. Can’t wait to discuss with you all!

      Okay, that’s good to know. Should I email you instead? Let me know what works for you.

  5. Bev Jo says:

    Thank you too. You did request to join and I responded with our safety rules, but got no response back. We have five groups actually: the Radical Feminist Coffee House, Womyn-Born-Womyn Radical Feminist Warriors, a discussion group for Dykes-Loving-Dykes, Lesbians for Lesbians, which is for Lesbians only, and a more liberal/open women’s group, The Harmful Transgender Agenda.

    I’m not able to find your page now.

    • missmatriarch says:

      Thanks for letting me know this. Hm, my email got messed up or something… But I just made a new page, so hopefully that will stay up. I just sent my invites to the Radical Feminist Coffee House and the Womyn Born Womyn page. Thank you!

  6. Bev Jo says:

    But you have to answer what I wrote you in messages on fb when you requested before. Everyone has to. I let you in the more liberal group, but not the others without response.

    • missmatriarch says:

      I’m so sorry, I’m searching for a message on both accounts but I don’t see any. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Bev Jo says:

    I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do. I sent a message as soon as you requested and still see it in my messages. Part of the problem might be that we’re “not connected on facebook,” but others have gotten it. I’ll try again with your new page.

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